Shaker Cinder Kitchen Cabinets

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Shaker Cinder Cabinets

These shaker cinder cabinets are a great choice for your kitchen or bathroom renovation if you are looking for a cabinet with the classic shaker design but unique finish. If you are looking for an upgrade from your old cabinets that came with the house, the shaker cinder kitchen cabinets are a great choice for a custom shaker look.

These come equipped with 5-piece doors so the frame of the door is similar in appearance to a picture frame. Two pieces make up the top and bottom, 2 pieces make up the left and right and the center panel is the fifth piece with a small piece of inlaid decorative trim. The solid wood doors are attached to the door frame with soft close adjustable European hinges. Like most of our cabinets, the shaker cinder doors are a full overlay design.

Since our boxes are made of all hardwood construction and the doors are a full overlay design, we don't need extra support or braces in the middle of our face frames. This way when you open the doors there is nothing to obstruct you and storing items in your shaker cinder vanity or kitchen cabinets couldn't be easier.

The cabinet drawer boxes are assembled with dovetail joints. These are a set of interlocking teeth cut into the ends of the boards to create a strong physical attachment at all four sides of the box. It is very strong and durable and is considered to be a mark of high-quality craftsmanship which our shaker cinder cabinets definitely have! The drawers come with commercial undermount drawer glides that are soft closing just like the doors.

To finish these cabinets off, every wood part has a protective clear coat applied to shield it from water and fading which are the 2 things that cabinets are the most susceptible to. The clear coat has a low sheen or shininess so these shaker cinder cabinets keep their beautiful finish for years to come.

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