Our Mission

To be the largest distributor of quality cabinets within the continental U.S. without sacrificing our family-owned values and world-class customer service.

Our Foundation

The growth of our family-owned business was inspired by the dot com boom in the early 2000s. After we saw the potential of providing quality kitchens to customer’s front doors, we never looked back.

Our Future

Partnered with over 6+ factories worldwide and over 12+ warehouses nationwide, we will continue to fulfill our mission by providing over 50+ styles and counting along with growing the Country Kitchens family.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

How can we offer the lowest prices guaranteed on each and every single one of our cabinet styles?

The two main reasons that make this possible is that we have long standing relationships with all the best manufacturers and factories in the industry and the entire Country Kitchens family operates remotely. We are strictly a direct drop ship e-commerce company. This means we ship directly from the manufacturer or factory to your property and every last penny of savings is passed to our customers. On top of that, our entire staff works remote from their home offices throughout the country. This allows us to have one of the lowest overheads out there and again, these savings are passed directly to our customers.

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