Our Top 3 Reasons for Ordering Sample Doors Before Buying

Many manufacturers and retailers let you “try before you buy” by ordering cabinet door samples before your purchase. We’re giving you 3 great reasons to consider ordering cabinet color samples before fully committing.

Remodeling projects are inherently stressful. Not only are you signing up to be inundated with choices at every turn of the road, but it could also be maddening trying to envision exactly what everything will look like before everything is actually installed.

We want to make sure our choices make the space simply stunning instead of clashing completely with the existing fixtures and decor.

How can we guarantee it’ll look picture-perfect once it’s installed? More and more remodelers and renovators are requesting samples to make sure everything is copacetic in advance because of this exact concern.

Sample doors give you the flexibility to test out the look before committing, so you know that everything works cohesively. That’s why requesting cabinet color samples is the most intelligent and cost-effective method of making sure the shade you’re envisioning for your kitchen or bathroom will be the shade you’re getting once installed.

The best retailers provide a sample of the full door and allow you the option to receive a full refund once your “test drive” is complete. That gives you a risk-free method of making sure you get exactly what you want.

You get a great visual representation of what your remodel will look like, as well as the confidence to proceed and move forward on that extensive punch list that every remodel presents.

Without further ado, here are our 3 best reasons why you want to order cabinet color samples before making your purchase.


navy white gold kitchen mood board

They’re excellent for your mood board

Cabinets are one of if not the most prevalent features of any kitchen or bathroom.

You walk in, and boom– there are the cabinets!

They’re such a focal point that many designers determine the decor of the entire room around the style, shape, and color of the cabinetry.

That’s where having color samples present really plays an integral part for you or your designer. If you’re making a mood board or flat lay to get a sense of what sparks joy, you’ll be off to a better start having the actual fixtures, cabinet samples, and more present to look over in person.

Once you select the cabinet shade and style you like, thanks to the presence of color samples, you can free up your attention to choose other essentials like appliances, fixtures, lighting, and more.

You’ll breathe easy squaring away this critical item, and you’ll be well underway with getting through the lengthy remodeling process with this step crossed off.

Online pictures don’t always accurately show what you’ll get

Everyone’s familiar with the concept of being “catfished” in our Internet-reliant culture today. We’re never pleased to find out our date doesn’t look like their picture, so would we expect to be happy if our cabinets don’t match the photo either?

Manufacturers try their best to present accurate photos that literally paint a picture of what the product looks like. With technology that allows for 360-degree renderings and 3D imaging, we’ve come a long way. 

However, color variations remain the most common curveball to expect, and it could ruin the remodel completely if you’re not cognizant of this fact.

Requesting cabinet door samples ahead of time gives you the best representation of what things will look like for real, and saves you the hassle of having to return loads of cabinets simply because you didn’t expect the shade to be that dark or light. 

Instead of hoping for the best, you get to physically see things in the actual space they’ll be installed in. I mean, we’re all for optimism, but time and money are scarce commodities during a remodel, and we simply must  do what we can to maximize both.

You wouldn’t paint a room without collecting samples from the paint store and looking at them in your home first, would you? 

Why wouldn’t you do the same by collecting cabinet samples too?

Samples guarantee your choice of cabinet style and color works with the rest of the room

An excellent cabinet style and finish looks incredible in the showroom and in pictures of perfectly-curated and staged spaces stylized to showcase sophistication, but how will it look in your home?

You want to have a guarantee before you spend lots of money on these essential materials that the final result will be breathtaking. This is especially crucial if you still have shopping to do for fixtures in the room, as having a cabinet sample in hand truly lets you see what works together and what will clash.

The sample will allow you to select lighting fixtures, trim hardware, and other important components to tie together the space in a beautiful way.

After all, we all want a stunning kitchen or bathroom.  

That’s why we recommend you pick up cabinet samples for every remodel every time.

Sample doors