Introducing Navy Blue Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to add a high-end feel to your kitchen, then opt for our new navy blue shaker kitchen cabinets. They are a complete package for every type of kitchen. The following are four common reasons why you should go for navy blue cabinets for your kitchen.

Reason#1: It Will Remain Chic in Coming Years

A lot of trends just vanish in few years or even in few months. Of course, homeowners don’t want to do an expensive remodel worth thousands of dollars, which remains in trend for a year or two. However, if you opt for the navy blue cabinets, you will surely not have to deal with this problem. Not to mention, navy is a timeless color. You might have heard interior designers emphasizing using blue if you want your upgrades to last for years.

If you install navy blue shaker kitchen cabinets, it means you are remodeling your house for a lifetime. They will always remain in-demand. Additionally, this color compliments almost every type of cabinet. So, here it solves another problem that you don’t want to peak into every market to search for your desired cabinetry in a particular color. You can incorporate your navy blue shaker kitchen cabinets in the classic or rustic farmhouse kitchen or contemporary or formal kitchens.

Reason#2: It Goes Well With Different Finishes

Fortunately, this color looks incredibly gorgeous and sophisticated in both glossy and matte finish. If you are looking for a decent and heartwarming style, go for a navy finish. On the other hand, a matte navy finish is suitable if you want a classic or rustic farmhouse ambiance. Additionally, you can incorporate navy blue color with other earthy and neutral colors such as white. This will help you give depth to your cabinets.

The best part is you can pair marble countertops with navy cabinets, which you can’t do with other colors. To make a statement, try to add a little bit nay blue to your kitchen accessories. This will give a uniform look and make it bolder.

Reason#3: It Complements Other Popular Trends

Another major reason to install these cabinets is that they go well with other prominent trends. For instance, shaker kitchen cabinets are pretty much trendy nowadays, and you can install one in blue color. You can also go for the golf hardware trend by incorporating gold and blue together in your shaker cabinets. Both of these colors give a rich and luxurious atmosphere to your kitchen.

The navy cabinets also blend in a kitchen with golden drawer pulls, doorknobs, and other fixtures. Not only golf, but you can also use any metallic colors like silver, bronze, and copper with the shade of navy blue. Furthermore, homeowners who want to go for the white theme trend can add blue to their cabinets to give it a more profound look.

Reaosn#4: It Is Versatile

Navy blue is not only appealing but also versatile. As we have mentioned earlier, it can pair with different trends, styles, themes, and colors. You will get surprised to know that it looks marvelous with off-white, white, or cream floors and walls. Moreover, you can also install these cabinets in the kitchen with natural shades of grey.

If your kitchen has lots of stainless steel accessories, then navy is the best choice for you. They blend with each other and give an aesthetic ambiance to you. The best part is this color has calming abilities. It releases stress and boosts your mood while working in the kitchen.

Bottom Line

So, what are you waiting for? Install navy blue kitchen cabinets if you are looking for a luxury kitchen that can live up to your demand for years. 

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