All You Need to Know About Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

There’s hardly anyone who would avoid visually-compelling heart-shaped cherries— thanks to the cherry wood trees. But these trees boast far more rare qualities other than producing cherries.

Their stellar performing hardwood helps build pleasing-on-eyes kitchen cabinets and furniture.

You can literally shout ‘cherry on the top’ if you’ve covered your furniture in reddish-brown fine-grained bark of cherry wood.

Easily the most prized & popular seller hardwood in America— Cherry Wood fits in the staple traditional wood-type edition that has existed for over a century.

Your woodworkers will get old. Not the cherry kitchen wood cabinet!

Never’ too old’ to be out of the market— cherry wood cabinets go on and on until your woodworker and you have aged!

The durable, soft-glowing genius of the cherry wood kitchen cabinet makes it look ageless and timeless.

For furniture aficionados or woodworkers, architects or interior designers— the variety of colors including yellow, white, red, and dark brown hold eyeballs that call for adding elegant versatility at home and kitchen cabinets.

While the dark cherry tree hardwood is a perfect pick for adding a hint of elegance in your surroundings, the lighter edition goes brilliant with your furniture.

Who cares about gold and silver. Inherit the durable cherry wood kitchen cabinet to your offspring.

Are you worrying about inheriting something valuable to your child and grandkids? Goodbye, gold and silver. Honestly, Cherry kitchen cabinets are the best bet! Why do we say this?

You won’t believe it, but the colonial masters used these wood basks to handle the weight of heavy countertops, and their moisture-inhibiting properties prevented the furniture from damaging. And guess what? These cabinets still exist.

Some gave war-time watches to their kids— the smarter one passed on cherry kitchen cabinets— the cabinets knocked beautiful warm hue variation with a distinctive aging process.

When home after home picked qualitative, moderately hard-textured, durable, and good shock-resistance cherry wood over other kitchen cabinets.

Not long ago in history, when we started exploring the might of furniture designing— many designers and homemakers would pick cherry wood kitchen cabinets over any other cabinets.

You shouldn’t be surprised if your woodworkers select these appealing woods for the same reasons after centuries. What are the reasons? Have some food for thought.

  • The diversified grains with curls, swirls, and pin knots give your kitchen cabinet a multifaceted display.
  • You can enhance the beauty of your kitchen cabinet by adding a multi-coating layer of stain on cherry wood’s satiny grain surface.
  • No more straight and edgy projects. Carpenters steam it up to use in curved kitchen projects and other stuff like boats.
  • ‘Tradition’ is just another word. Every modernism and sleekness come out of the old-fogy tradition. Even cherry wood kitchen cabinets were modern at some point in history— beating some old traditions.
  • The best part is— they’re old, yet they bring a shade of freshness by lending an excellent opportunity for modern cabinets. They blend aesthetically with advanced floors and wall textures.

Other cabinets age and stale. Cherry wood cabinets age and bloom.

While other cabinets age and stale with time, cherry wood cabinets grow old and dark and offer a brand new hue-feel.

Got bored of your light-colored cherry kitchen cabinet? Expose it to light. Turn it dark. Enjoy a complete new shade at your disposal without spending anything.

Slowly turning from light to dark— the cherry cabinet showcases its multi-colored expertise over the years.

Caught between traditional cherry wood cabinets and modular kitchen? Why have one when you can have both?

Picking your kitchen style can be the real pain in the neck. With new kitchen gadgets and machines cutting into the shelves and cupboards— the real question is— could you have a modular kitchen when you want cherry wood cabinet taste?

Of course, yes! The semi-modular kitchen concept allows you to enjoy a rare combination of traditional artistry with the intuitive, modern design.

The smooth finish cherry wood lets you go for a classical look fused with ultra-modern concealed kitchen appliances. The concept is very warm and inviting.

To match the lustrous and glaze feel of toughened glass appliances & units— go for the varnished or glazed oil coating. The glaze will also protect the darker stain & natural characteristics of the cherry will shine throughout.

You may not like its cost. But its durability and strength will change your decisions.

Quality comes with a price tag! So does Cherry kitchen cabinet. If you are remodeling your kitchen or setting up a new unit, expect to loosen up your pockets by 15 to 25% more than any other hardwood such as oak or maple kitchen cabinet.

Tailored to the unique requirements and area in your kitchen, its rich-cherry look with high weight-enduring capacity will change your mind.

If it doesn’t change your mind— you can go with the most sought-after trick to have a similar cherry look. The ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets made up of birch or maple can easily be tinted with the cherry-type finish. Build a customized design and flaunt cherry-wood looking maple.

Cherry kitchen cabinets complete the fad of minimal kitchen hardware.

Looking to add sleek hardware in your kitchen cabinetry? Or eyeing to fix concealed handles on the wood board?

You can combine minimal kitchen hardware with cherry wood furniture for a contemporary look.

Polish your concealed wooden handle with the same cherry color, and don’t let it overrule the cabinet.

Unique things need care. But cherry kitchen over-glows your kitchen at nominal maintenance & cleaning.

The kind of maintenance and cleaning you need to feel the cherry wood kitchen cabinet’s energy and glow is next to nothing.

Wiping down your cabinetry with a soft cloth and applying a bit of soap on it should do the trick. The process cleans up any oily or greasy buildup on the surface of the wood.

Move the wiping cloth in the direction of the grain. Once you’re done— you’d want to give it a drying time with a soft cloth. Please avoid giving your lovely-cabinet a rough time with rough cloths or sponges.

A little polite approach and your kitchen is good to go into business.

So, what’s your favorite ‘cherry wood kitchen cabinet moment?’