9 Reasons To Wow Your Kitchen With White Shaker Cabinets

White shaker cabinets for the kitchen aptly prove “history repeats itself.” Art, furniture, or designs— you pick any stream, and that makes a round-about every few hundred years.

Who would have thought that the 18th-century classic white shaker kitchen cabinets would pop-up again in the 21st century as a brand new, refreshing kitchen furnishing style? Yes, you heard it right. The sleek minimal kitchen designing done by the religious group “Shaker” was no less than the painting of Mona Lisa.

It had a mission, carried different feels of sophistication and simplicity, and screamed elegance in the houses. But why are we digging back the graves of white shaker cabinets when they’re dead for good? What’s the point of having an old cabinet when we have tons of modern cabinets and contemporary kitchen styles?

Well, only to give your house a classical finish! If you’re renovating your place or building a dream-palace— white shaker cabinet kitchen designing will provide you with the feel of the 1700s and rarity of the 2000s.

If you aren’t convinced yet— we’ll give you a few good reasons to convert your kitchen into an archetypical brilliance. Here’re some of the ideas that will convince you why shaker’s cabinets are perennial designs:

#1 Ageless style

The shaker kitchen cabinet white-colored set-up looks sharp, modern, and visually arresting— yesterday, today, and tomorrow. If kept clean, the white coloured cabinet radiates a powerful aura of happiness and divinity across time and ages, thereby making it an ageless style.

#2 Moves with the mood

Our moods are always flickering. You might buy a white shirt today, and get rid of it tomorrow. Similarly, if your kitchen taste evolves— you can keep the cabinet as it is.

However, you can get creative with its colors, cabinet tops, etc. and pump a new renovation on the conservatory design. The good news is— you might not want to renovate your white shaker cabinet because color experts think that white is a lively colour and often lasts longer.

#3 Sits well with modern designing

How can an old look fit well with modern designing? Pretty much like your tapered-jeans complement with retro steampunk glasses. Here’s the rub— white shaker kitchen cabinet works on the principle of clean line and minimal designing that can sit comfortably with any modern touches like the latest artwork and rare accent materials. You wouldn’t feel an odd blend between the two if you have a first glance.

#4 Keeps your wallet fat

Many home-makers trade-off internal-quality for outer aesthetics. Your mobile phone may have a great face value, but what difference would it make if it’s sick from the inside? Similarly, you might have to loosen your pockets for modern interiors that demand fancy millwork, intelligent machinery, and value addition.

But, any design less than it would keep your wallet fat. White shaker kitchen cabinets are one such cooking-area furniture that lacks external millwork gimmicks and gives an honest durable-life at budget-friendly rates. Less value addition lets you invest your money on better woods, hinges, and handles.

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#5 Simple to maintain, easy to clean

Compare your linen and cotton kurta. Linen is nothing less than a washing-nightmare. You have to be thoughtful, caring, and whatnot. Likewise the inset, ornate, or any knotty kitchen cabinet surely adds an opulent meaning to your house. But no one wants to experience a cleaning-nightmare with these intricate cabinet designs.

The minimal and straightforward linings of white shaker kitchen cabinets don’t test your patience when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. Get yourself a mild-detergent, pour the solution on a soft cloth-piece, and get started. Be like Shakers. Let go of linings and cuttings, and spend days feeling good about your kitchen.

#6 Brings utilitarian calmness

Everything that the ready to assemble white shaker cabinets have— they have to do with the utilitarian approach. The Shakers had their furniture simple, easy to use, and served their purpose. Their practical designs were based mainly on serving operations and utility, not just the aesthetics.

With no extravagant fuss— these white cabinets aren’t good at blowing their own trumpets, because they don’t need to. Their generously linear and sturdy designs don’t have to be self-pompous. Its simplicity produces calmness, and its long-time users give its testimony.

#7 Complements exotic decoration

Naive interior designers like to have exotic kitchen cabinets with loud decorations. The clash between the two often gets your kitchen to nowhere. Plus you have to spend a lot more on flamboyant artistry and decors.

But white shaker kitchen cabinet, as the Shakers like to call, supplements beautifully with the exotic wall or vibrant-lighting interior. These cabinets aren’t meant to be bold & flashy extroverts. They are simply the silent-attractive introverts in the backdrop who tone-down the tinsels.

#8 Goes beyond the kitchen

Your kitchen doesn’t have a monopoly over white shaker cabinets. Yes, white kitchen cabinets have been the show stealer; however, they orient wonderfully with bathrooms and laundry rooms too. The hints of these cabinets in your bathroom and laundry can give a symmetrical meaning to your house, thereby making your place look big and spacious.

Apart from bringing lightweight coherency and versatility, the shakers cabinet makes your room look bit orderly and organized. Of course, you don’t have to be too obsessed with white shakers, but fortunately, the monotonous white cabinets are better tolerated than the dull-monotonous jazzy designs.

#9 Melds brilliantly with modern appliances

With modern appliances getting into the kitchen spaces— you might think the yesteryear cabinets will not meld with them. But never underestimate the Shakers. The white cabinet shakers are designed to hold up the trendiest of the trendiest appliances.

You can create a paneled design to hide your refrigerators, OTGs, and chimneys with a shaker cabinet, and give your scullery a seamless circular view across the walls of the kitchen-room.

So, have the shakers shook your belief about gaudy, eye-stimulating kitchen designs? We knew this. Afterall, timeless styles never get old.