Euro White Oak Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring


Size: 8-1/2" Width - 35 Sq Ft/Box
Sale price$480.98


Our Euro white oak wide plank engineered hardwood flooring comes in 8-1/2" inch widths and is finished with a UV Lacquer Matte finish. The ends of each piece are tongue and grooved for an easy install.

Each engineered plank is a total of 5/8-inch thick. This includes a 1/4-inch wear layer (a hardwood top layer with plywood underneath).

Each box is 10 ft in length, so freight shipping is REQUIRED for all purchases, regardless of size. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase so you order enough for your project the first time.

It's highly recommend ordering for AT LEAST 10% more flooring area than you need to account for cutoffs and waste.

Wide plank engineered hardwood flooring is composed of multiple sheets (called “plies”) of thin wood pieced together to create a single plank. The 5mm top layer, known as the wear layer, is real hardwood. The bottom section consists of multiple plies. Engineered floors are versatile so they can be put in any part of the home. These floors can be stapled, glued, nailed, or even floated over existing subfloors.

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