Top 13 Range Hood Cover Ideas and Inspiration

Although often overlooked, the kitchen range hood can be the culprit behind an uninspired feeling in your place. If you don't match it with the rest of your fixtures or don't get an eye-catching range hood cover, your kitchen might look out of place.

If your range hood looks like an outdated eyesore in your otherwise stylish kitchen, or maybe it's bare and industrial-looking, we hear you.

Today, we're here with the best range hood cover ideas that'll add charm and flair to your kitchen by making sure it looks synced. These range hood cover ideas will ensure that even if you don't upgrade the hood's insert, redoing its cover aligns with your kitchen's look.

So instead of letting your sleek kitchen cabinets or stunning backsplash dazed by an odd-looking hood cover, read on to know what'll look best above your stove!

1. Rustic Wooden Canopy

You might be thinking of a wood range hood cover in the kitchen. Near a cooking area? Yes, and let us tell you why it works. The rustic wooden canopy offers an excellent way to incorporate countryside charm into your kitchen. This style particularly shines in farmhouses, cottages, or even industrial-style kitchens. The wood's natural grain and warm tones create a welcoming environment that invites everyone to come, sit, and enjoy a hearty meal.

The wooden canopy will be incredible if you choose a stain that complements your hickory cabinetry for a cohesive look. Alternatively, you can go bold with a contrasting color and make the range hood cover a dramatic focal point.


Grey Shaker Sloped Wood Range Hood

2. Charlotte Sloped Classic Moulding Smooth Wood Vent Cover

If you adore Mediterranean or Spanish-style kitchens, using a sleek, moulding vent cover made of high-quality maple veneer is smart. This range hood lets you play around with colors, shapes, and sizes - as you can choose from different finishing colors to create a vibrant mix of hues or a soothing monochrome palette for a more refined look in the kitchen.

You can have the moulding range hood cover to add a concentrated burst of artistry to the surrounding backsplash for a more immersive visual experience. Rest assured; the moulded wood won't hinder your hood's functionality as it's heat-resistant and easy to clean.

3. Copper Curved Cover

A curved copper cover for your range hood is a stellar choice if you want a striking statement in your kitchen. Copper brings grandeur and warmth to any kitchen design, so you'll get a stunning fixture that shines well in your place.

Since copper is a timeless material, it complements a broad range of color palettes. Regardless if your cabinets are a classic white, a bold black, or a bright hue, a copper range hood cover can harmonize beautifully.

This range hood cover's curvature will soften the overall design, balancing out the angular lines of cabinets and appliances. It also effectively captures and vents smoke and grease, thanks to the increased surface area.


Slopped Black Wood Range Hood

4. Sloped Range Hood

If you're always inclined towards a minimalistic look, an integrated and sloped range hood could be just perfect when you opt for a kitchen remodel. This design integrates your range hood into your cabinetry and results in a clean, uncluttered kitchen aesthetic.

This range hood cover design works particularly well in modern or contemporary kitchens, where simplicity and straight lines are key design elements. However, it can also fit comfortably into a traditional kitchen and help your place appear decluttered.

Although this hood style is concealed within the cabinetry, your venting system will work just as efficiently to remove cooking fumes and odors. The venting system's controls are usually hidden within the cabinet or subtly incorporated into the design so you can easily access it without disrupting the aesthetic.

5. Minimalist Strapped Cover

If you appreciate the clean lines and understated elegance of an understated design, look into a minimalist cover for your range hood. As the tapered range hood typically features a simple, curved, or straight canopy, it doesn't overpower the kitchen's overall design.

The smooth tapered lines also ensures the hood doesn't visually dominate the space and maintains an airy feel. So, if your kitchen is compact or lacks natural light, an angled cover can make the space seem larger and brighter.

Another plus side of this range hood cover is that that because it doesn’t contain many nooks and curves, it’s easy to clean, which is a real plus for any bustling kitchen. The minimalist design means fewer nooks and crannies where grease and dust can accumulate, so a simple wipe-down will suffice to keep it spotless.

If you've splurged on a classy backsplash, this trendy hood range cover will help showcase it better. The transparency of the hood allows the backsplash design to shine through, so none of the intricate details are obscured.


Classic Curved Wood Range Hood

6. A Classic Decorative Hood

The artisan elements never go out of style, and a moulding smooth hood range cover is no exception. This cover will have intricate designs like swirls and curls to make your place appear royal-ish.

Although getting a custom hood range cover will cost quite a sum, you can opt for it if ready-to-install fixtures are not your jam. This style can lend itself beautifully to various kitchen designs. For example, it can add an old-world charm to a rustic or farmhouse kitchen and provide a stunning contrast in a subtle modern-day interior.

Also, rest assured knowing that functionality will not be compromised for the sake of aesthetics in a decorative range hood cover.

7. A Sleek Wooden Range Hood

If you gravitate towards a lowkey aesthetic, a sleek range hood cover will surely catch your eye, thanks to its drama-free appearance. Such a style provides a sculptural element to your kitchen. And since this minimalist design has a geometric form, it plays well with other modern design elements like stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, and flat panel cabinets.

Probably the best thing about such a range hood cover is its sturdiness. It's a material built to last, so it'll resist heat and everyday wear and tear without regular upkeep. Given such reliable durability, a concrete range hood cover is doubtlessly a practical choice for a high-use area like the range hood.

Also, maple veneer is a neutral material that blends well with various color schemes and can create a beautiful contrast to wood elements in your kitchen. So, if you're concerned about a concrete hood looking awkward in your place, drop that doubt because an expertly done cover will never disappoint your aesthetics.


Bold Wood Range Hood

8. Painted Wooden Hood in a Bold Color

Are you a fan of bold decor items? Don't leave your kitchen range hood as is, then, because a painted hood is a fantastic opportunity to make your range hood a standout feature.

This style means painting your wooden range hood cover in a vibrant color that contrasts or complements your kitchen's color scheme. You could match the hood color with your cabinets for a cohesive look, or you could pick a contrasting shade to make it pop.

Beyond the visual appeal, a painted hood made of sturdy materials also offers durability. It can withstand the heat and steam from cooking, and with high-quality, heat-resistant paint, the color will remain vibrant and chip-free.

When choosing a bold color for your range hood, you must consider the overall balance of your kitchen design. A balance between bold and neutral elements will ensure your kitchen remains a welcoming space.


Angled Wood Range Hood

9. Angled Chimney Style

The angled chimney-style range hood extends from the stovetop to the ceiling to relay a clean, vertical line that gives a sense of height to your kitchen. As a chimney hood is available in various materials, including stainless steel, glass, or a combination of both, it adds a touch of modern elegance to any space.

The chimney style is also incredibly functional because its placement ensures effective ventilation of smoke and odors. The width of these hoods often matches the range size, so they give comprehensive venting coverage.

10. Ceiling-Mounted Island Hood

Unlike wall-mounted hoods, these hoods hang from the ceiling directly over your island cooktop - so they somehow double as a kitchen centerpiece.

Many ceiling hoods feature sleek, modern designs, but you can also find models that lean towards a more traditional aesthetic.

The island range hood also provides excellent ventilation to extract smoke and odors from all sides of the cooktop. Given its location, the hood typically includes built-in lighting to illuminate your cooking area so your place will look aligned with an island hood.

However, one thing you must know before getting a ceiling-mounted range hood cover is that it requires proper ceiling installation, which can include rerouting ductwork. So, talk to the installation experts beforehand as that'll clear how much extra work is needed.


Tapered Wood Range Hood

11. Tapered Low-Profile Hood

When space is at a premium in your kitchen, or you prefer a more discreet range hood, a low-profile hood works the best. The tapered range hood cover is snugly fit besides your kitchen cabinets to create a sleek appearance.

The main advantage of a low-profile hood is its space-saving design. It fits seamlessly into your kitchen without dominating the other decor items and looks sleek in small kitchens.

Also, don't let its compact size fool you because this hood style offers plenty of functionality. It is efficient at venting away cooking odors and smoke, with the added benefit of a mess-free appearance in your cooking area.


Angled Wood Range Hood

12. Wilmington Angle Canopy Hood

This walnut band hood range cover resembles a box and can be mounted on the wall or above an island, depending on your kitchen layout. A box-shaped hood's larger size and prominent shape make it a distinctive feature, regardless of whether your kitchen is rustic or contemporary.

Also, this cover's large walnut canopy enhances its ability to trap and vent cooking smoke and odors to keep your kitchen air clean.

However, understand that a box-shaped canopy hood requires more space than other models, along with professional installation. So, it's good if you clarify these points beforehand.


Curved Wood Range Rood

13. Curved Statement Hood

The hallmark of a curved statement hood cover is its unique shape and design that features curves, angles, and other artistic elements. Materials in these hood covers can range from stainless steel to glass and even wood, but the best option is a combination of plywood and maple veneer because of their light yet sturdy nature.

This kind of hood works as a visual highlight in your kitchen and speaks volumes about your style preference. However, this does not mean the hood is all style and no substance. The design of a sculptural statement hood incorporates the necessary ventilation.

Final Thoughts on Stunning Range Hood Covers

Redoing your range hood cover might seem like a small detail, but it can change your kitchen's whole look. If you don't want to spend on a hood cover that looks badly done or is impractical, take a thorough look at your options.

Wood, concrete, copper, and glass are some evergreen materials for a range hood cover that can look good in any home. And if you have certain preferences for your kitchen range hoods, talk to experts who know these fixtures in and out. Their input and estimates will help you spend justifiably and remodel your kitchen the right way!



Can I use a range hood cover for a ductless range hood?

Yes, you can. Range hood covers can be used for both ducted and ductless range hoods. The cover can help conceal the hood for ductless hoods and provide a more integrated look with your kitchen decor. Just ensure the cover doesn't interfere with the hood's functionality or accessibility.

Are range hood covers difficult to clean?

Range hood covers made of materials like stainless steel or glass are generally easy to clean with standard kitchen cleaning products. However, certain materials like wood or certain types of metal may require specific cleaning methods to avoid damage.

Do range hood covers affect the hood's performance?

No, a properly installed range hood cover should not affect the hood's performance. However, the cover must be appropriately designed and installed to ensure it doesn't block ventilation, controls, or lights.
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