Thinking Outside the Kitchen: Other Great Uses for RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinetry is a mainstay in any kitchen area but have you ever considered using kitchen cabinets in other rooms of your home? Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are one possible solution to multiple storage needs.

These cabinets allow you to configure your storage area in a variety of ways. You can use drawer bases, door bases or a combination of both. Plus, don't forget all the specialty cabinets we have as well. Here are a few ideas for using RTA kitchen cabinets in other rooms of your home.


RTA Cabinets for Living Room TV Stand

In the Living Room

Most homes have multiple storage needs in the living area. Think of ready-to-assemble cabinets as the gateway to a myriad of storage ideas. How about creating a custom entertainment center with RTA kitchen cabinets as the base? Built-ins on either side of the TV can make it even better! The options are endless when working with one of our designers.

Another idea in the living room is to use kitchen cabinets as the base for built-in bookcases for storing books, games, movies, or whatever you might need to keep nearby. Some people take it a step further and convert kitchen cabinets into shoe storage in their foyers or entry rooms.


RTA cabinets in the laundry room

In the Laundry Room

Speaking of entry rooms, the laundry room might be the next most popular place people use RTA cabinets after kitchens and bathrooms. This is the perfect space to think outside the kitchen-shaped box.

Ready-to-assemble cabinets give you multiple options for storage solutions within the laundry room. Creativity is the key to creating the storage space you need. Including a sink is always a popular direction so why not use one of our many sink base sizes or better yet, a farmhouse sink base! The options are endless.


White Shaker RTA Cabinets for Home Office

In the Office

The office is often a multi-purpose room in the home. It can serve as a game room, a media room, or even a craft space. Sometimes the children use the space for homework or projects. You use it as a workspace

This space provides another perfect opportunity to use RTA cabinets differently. A custom-built gaming table using ready to assemble cabinets for the base provides storage for the games you play as a family.


RTA cabinets in the garage

In the Garage

Aside from laundry rooms, garages are probably the second most obvious place outside the kitchen and bathroom that needs storage. Many people have so many things stored inside their garage that they can’t even park their car inside it. If that’s you, then it’s time to rethink your storage solutions. Are you a golfer? Golf simulators are taking over garages so people have been spending more time in this area. With that said, you might as well make it look nice and more functional!

Using RTA kitchen cabinets or even RTA bathroom vanity cabinets, for their 21" depth, along the walls helps to create much-needed, hidden storage. Golf is only one of the many sports that requires equipment, holiday decorations, tools, and yard supplied can all be stored behind the doors of these cabinets. This technique will organize the space and keep things out of sight. Storage with style, why not?


Final Thoughts

Kitchen cabinets don’t have to be just for kitchens. Almost every room in the house needs extra storage solutions. Creative thinking and a little elbow grease can garner unique storage solutions for whatever needs you have.

Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets can be used to create multiple custom storage solutions throughout your home. The cohesive built-in look will give your home a custom-built aesthetic even if you began with a cookie-cutter house. Already have a space you're ready to tackle? Get in touch with one of our amazing designers for a free design and quote today!

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