Clean Traditional Country Kitchen

Where does one even begin as there are multiple characteristics of a country kitchen here. Let’s start with the cabinetry. White cabinets are very common when going for that country look because most country kitchens have that bright and airy feeling so what better way to create that then going with white kitchen cabinets. You will also see there is a contrasting island which you see time and time again when looking for country kitchen design ideas. Glass cabinet doors are also a common feature as well. These can be dressed up with unique plates, bowls and decor as well as with some wall paper as a back drop inside the cabinet.

Then you have your sink. What is a country or farmhouse kitchen without a farm sink! You will notice a white porcelain sink with a large apron around it. That is your classic farm sink that is usually an essential item when designing these types of kitchens. Other items to point out are the galvanized steel stools along the island and the traditional light fixtures.

Photo Courtesy of KitchenLab