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According to the creative director and founder of Studio Indigo in London, a bathroom vanity should not only be functionally great, but it should also establish the overall look of your bathroom.

To follow this advice and design an aesthetic loo, investing in a gorgeous bathroom vanity is a strategic and wise decision.

It adds functionality to the bathroom, and also makes it look just as well-designed as the rest of your house!

So, if you’re giving your home a makeover, then you certainly need to look at bathroom vanities, too!

Here are 12 gorgeous bathroom vanity ideas to inspire your next home makeover!

Traditional Bathroom Vanity vs Modern Bathroom Vanity

Before we get into the ideas, let’s first weigh the differences between a traditional vanity and a modern bathroom vanity.

While in the past, bathroom vanities only included limited storage and a simple sink, a modern vanity is all about an elegant look and sufficient storage.

Traditionally, wood with different patterns and carved designs is used to craft bathroom vanities.

However, for a modern vanity, since the focus is on aesthetics, there are many different materials used.

For example, glass, metal, and wood, lights, touch buttons, etc.

Traditional-style vanities have multiple drawers and come with huge mirrors, making them highly functional. However, they occupy much more space compared to modern-style vanities.

On the other hand, modern vanities have an edgy style and usually come with tiny legs, a backlit mirror, and a small sink, and an overall structure that occupies smaller space.

12 Gorgeous Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Now, here are our top 12 favorite bathroom vanity ideas:

  1. Wall Mounted Vanity

  2. If you have a tiny bathroom space, mounting the vanity on the wall is the best thing to do.

    A wall-mounted vanity will make the tiny bathroom look more spacious and feel more airy.

    Isabella Patrick from the renowned interior design studio in NYC, Isabella Patrick Interiors, recommends the use of mounted vanities specifically for smaller bathrooms with tiles.

    That's because wall-mounted vanities occupy smaller spaces but also show more of the beautiful tiles installed in the bathroom.

    They can also easily be fitted according to the height that is suitable for you.

    Additionally, the surrounding area around the mounted vanity is much easier to clean since you can easily reach under and around the vanity with a mop or a broom.

  3. Vanity with Sleek Curves

  4. A vanity with sleek curves is also an excellent option if you want a modern and elegant aesthetic look for your bathroom.

    The rounded edges of such vanities set them apart from regular rectangular or traditional vanities, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the bathroom.

    You can select from a variety of materials for curved vanities, including natural stone, wood, and even medium-density fiberboard (MDF) as they’re durable and can withstand the humid environment of bathrooms.

  5. Wooden Vanity

  6. Wooden bathroom vanities are gaining traction these days due to their vintage outlook.

    Although they come in several styles, each with its own unique characteristics, all wooden vanities are known to add warmth and carry a distinctive aesthetic.

    Aside from various style and structure choices, wooden vanities are also big on the material.

    You can choose from different types of wood, for example, Oak, Maple wood, Cherry wood, and Pine Wood.

    If you would like to see an example of a wooden vanity, you can check out our English Toffee Bathroom Vanity; it has a beautiful wood finish with an organic honey-brown stain that allows the wood grain to be visible.

    More importantly, the cabinets of this vanity are framed, which adds further depth and texture to the design, and really helps you get the old-money vibe.

  7. Stand-alone Single Vanity

  8. Not everyone has a grand bathroom, but that does not mean you compromise on the looks!

    So, if you have space issues, you can consider a stand-alone bathroom vanity.

    These types of vanities come in a single piece and have at least one sink base, as well as some drawers on the bottom for storage.

    The top is usually made from marble, and comes with water taps.

    Generally, it has fluted legs and doesn’t need support from the wall, which also makes the installation process quite simple and easy.

  9. Drop-down Seated Area

  10. Drop-down seated area bathroom vanities are perfect for makeup enthusiasts.

    For this type of vanity, you can extend a regular bathroom vanity from one side to add a drop-down seated area.

    On the other side, you can have a marble top with a sink, and a storage space on the bottom.

    To complete the look, mount a mirror on the wall and place some lights to make the makeup and hair-making process smooth.

    A drop-down seated vanity is functional, especially more so if you're someone who films make up videos and/or takes a lot of time getting ready — we've all been there!

  11. White Colored Vanity with a Touch of Brass

  12. If you're a fan of the minimalistic aesthetic and want to have a bathroom design along the lines of this style, white is the color you need.

    To add a hint of elegance, add a touch of brass to the vanity, and voila!

    In terms of structure and design, this one is essentially a small white sink vanity with brass legs.

    It would look even better if you have an all-white bathroom, with a little bit of brass effects here and there.

    For the mirror, maintain the minimalism, mount a white mirror on top of the vanity.

    Aside from being excellent for brightening up your bathroom, it is also a relatively easy option when it comes to thorough cleaning.

  13. Add Contrast to the Vanity

  14. A high-contrast bathroom vanity gives your bathroom quite a modern and elegant look.

    With a darker shade on the bottom drawers and a lighter shade on the countertop, the vanity can add enormous elegance to the bathroom.

    You can add a mirror of your choice to complete the final look.

    Our Torino Dark Wood Bathroom Vanity comes with frameless construction and ready-to-assemble cabinets.

    Plus, it has a contrast of white and gray and is made up of adjustable leg support.

    The contrast between our Torino Dark Wood Bathroom vanity and the chic design adds a lasting and bold impression to the bathroom while also maintaining a minimalistic modern look.

  15. Concrete on Vanity Top

  16. Using concrete for your vanity’s top is a good option because not only does it look good, but it’s affordable, durable, and has resistance to scratching and chipping is quite high.

    Also, concrete can last for decades without requiring much maintenance.

    So, you will probably never need to replace it until you want to give a whole new look to your bathroom vanity again.

    What makes it an amazing choice is the fact that you can easily make concrete countertops by following DIY processes and little guidance.

  17. Console Vanity

  18. A console vanity is essentially a wall-mounted sink supported by either two or four legs.

    It is considered a vanity because, unlike a traditional sink, a console vanity comes with room for basket storage underneath the sink.

    With the console vanity top, you have numerous choices, as the sink and the legs are detached, and you can adjust the designs according to your heart’s desire.

    Also, both these components come in a variety of different materials, including stainless steel basins, metal legs, ceramics, etc.

    You can complete and further enhance the look by mounting the mirror of your choice above the console sink.

  19. Pastel Colored Vanity

  20. Playing with colors may seem risky. However, you can rarely go wrong with pastel colors.

    Pastel colors are also great if you’re into minimalism, but don’t want to go with the white color scheme.

    Overall, a pastel bathroom vanity will keep the space feeling light and calm.

    Generally, these work best in smaller bathrooms where the major goal is to create the illusion of a larger space.

    To make it look more modern, you can add floral wallpaper to the bathroom walls, and a light-coloured mirror on the wall above the sink.

  21. Monochrome Vanity

  22. A monochrome vanity can also prove to be a stylish addition to any bathroom, by giving it a modern, edgy, and dramatic look, along with creating a soothing and serene effect.

    For example, our Marine Blue Shaker bathroom vanity is made up of solid wood and comes with a marine blue paint finish.

    It is a very simple vanity with dovetail drawer box construction and concealed hinges.

    Additionally, the marine blue color can go well with any bathroom regardless of the color scheme. You can also experiment with other interesting colors, like maybe, yellow!

  23. Natural Stone Vanity

  24. Last on the list, is a natural stone vanity.

    Adding natural stone countertops to your vanity gives a luxurious, timeless, and modern look to your bathroom.

    Of course, there are many choices to choose from including granite, quartz, soapstone, marble, etc — you can even incorporate your birthstone, or any other stone that you identify with the most.

    One major benefit of having natural stone as a countertop is that even when exposed to heavy water flows over a long time period, the stone will remain unharmed.

    You can even go a step forward and use the countertop stone for the floor space and wall to give the vanity corner a jewel box-like effect.

How can I Transform my Vanity?

If you are short on budget, but would still like to give a fresh look to your outdated vanity, here’s what you can do:

First, clean the vanity with a damp cloth and let it dry completely.

Next, remove screws from doors and drawers using a suitable screwdriver.

Sand the entire surface of the vanity using sandpaper. Once done, clean it again using a damp cloth and let it dry.

After this, coat the entire vanity using a high-adhesion primer with long and smooth strokes.

Now paint the entire vanity with two coats of semi-gloss paint, and to seal the finish, coat the vanity again with a water-based polyurethane.

Lastly, reattach all the drawers and doors by attaching the removed screws.


  1. What can a vanity be used for?

  2. Bathroom vanities are used for a bathroom’s mirror, sink and storage.

    You can keep your toiletries and items you use on a daily basis, like hair products and cosmetics, in the cabinets.

  3. How do you plan a bathroom vanity?

  4. To plan a bathroom vanity:

    • Decide a suitable layout.
    • Determine the type and number of sinks that you need.
    • Choose the style, number of drawers, color, and all other necessary details.
    • Find the right countertop to match your bathroom's aesthetics.
    • Mount the built-in or decorative mirror and lighting to finalize the look.
    • Finally, wrap up your design with fixtures.


When it comes to the design of the bathroom, vanity will always take center stage as it is the first thing that you and anyone else who enters the space will notice.

There are tons of ideas for bathroom vanity available on social media; however, the process of choosing one – and then finding the same one online – can be quite overwhelming.

That’s why, Country Kitchens offers a wide range of RTA (ready-to-assemble) bathroom vanities with various modern vanity styles.

With our vanities, you also have the option to customize your cabinet styles in different colors, and choose the one that best fits your style the best.

To find out more about the bathroom vanity options we provide, you can connect with us on our website or contact us at (800) 484-0427.

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